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Chris Evans: Defending Jacob Episode Stills

I have added some episode stills of Chris Evans from Defending Jacob. You can go to the gallery to take a look.

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Television Productions > 2020 | Defending Jacob > 1×02 – Everything Is Cool
Television Productions > 2020 | Defending Jacob > 1×03 – Poker Faces
Television Productions > 2020 | Defending Jacob > 1×04 – Damage Control
Television Productions > 2020 | Defending Jacob > 1×05 – Visitors

‘Defending Jacob’ a homecoming for Chris Evans

Chris Evans’ latest TV project had a nice lure built in — he was able to stay close to his Boston-area home.

“I got to sleep in my own bed and see my family on the weekends. And it felt really, for a little while, like I had a regular 9-to-5 job,” the actor said. “That’s tough to beat.”

Evans stars in the eight-part Apple TV Plus drama series “Defending Jacob,” which is set in the Boston suburbs. The “Captain America” star got to lean into his natural accent and visit spots he knew growing up.

But there was one part that was inauthentic: He didn’t get to wear his own Red Sox cap during filming. “I offered to use mine, but mine didn’t look as weathered. Mine was a bit new,” he said, laughing.

Evans stars as an assistant district attorney in a Boston suburb whose 14-year-old son is accused of killing a classmate. He investigates the crime, risking his career as his marriage is shaken and both parents learn they really know little about the private life of their son.

The show raises questions about genetics, family secrets and trust. “Hopefully it’s something that keeps you thinking well after it’s over,” Evans said.

British actress Michelle Dockery stars as the teen’s mother. The “Downton Abbey” veteran said she was attracted to the project because it explored a family’s dynamics under stress. Continue reading

Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, & Jaeden Martell Break Down ‘Defending Jacob’

Chris Evans Doesn’t Like to Talk About Himself. But He Did. Sort Of.

Chris Evans Doesn’t Like to Talk About Himself. But He Did. Sort Of.

The artist formerly known as Captain America is found in seclusion at his rambling farmhouse, set back from the road on a couple of sylvan acres in the Boston suburbs, not far from his childhood home. It’s a warm, late-winter afternoon. The trees are bare. The sky is clear. Patches of melting snow cover the ground.

With his fortieth birthday on the horizon, Chris Evans seems to have undertaken a retreat, returning to familiar ground to regroup. The Marvel Cinematic Universe now behind him, the actor has the time, money, and wherewithal to pursue anything he wants.

All he has to do is figure out what.

Evans is sitting in an armchair by an unlit fireplace in an area off the kitchen, an informal sort of room you might call a den. The furnishings appear to be mid-century modern, a style often seen in Los Angeles, where he has a house in the Hollywood Hills. Evans is welcoming but not warm, broish in a manner that bespeaks form over content. In person he seems very much like the guy onscreen; his upper torso is sculpted in a way that suggests he’s still wearing his Avengers uniform under his green tartan flannel shirt. His ball cap has a shamrock on the front panel.

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Photoshoots > Outtakes > Session 104

“Defending Jacob” Trailer

Apple TV+ just released the trailer for the series Defending Jacob that will be streaming April 24th on the app!

First Look: Defending Jacob on Apple TV+

First Look: Defending Jacob on Apple TV+

Apple announced today that Chris’ project Defending Jacob will premiere April 24th on Apple TV+ with the first three episodes, then a new episode will premiere each Friday until the episode 8 finale. I’ve added the first two production photos released today into the gallery.

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Television Productions > 2020 | Defending Jacob